UI/UX Designer

jep, it has been already almost 10 years working for games

Doing what exactly?

I design game interfaces and their respective assets needed in 2D and 3D.
Creating visual and interactive content for games. Designing UI/UX for new features, and Components from start to implementation. Improving existing features and also designing style guides, pattern libraries, animations, and icons. 

Camilo Arrieta Cardona

Latest Projects

I worked on Big Farm Story for Goodgame Studios from conception to release. As lead UI designer and artist I created cohesive designs to build a playful and childlike UI. The project began on mobile and then got released as a desktop game.

I worked on Age of Knights for Goodgame Studios.  I spend most of my time finding the ideal design language for the UI and evolving the style into features

I worked on Big Farm Mobile Harvest for Goodgame Studios. I Focused on creating new features and minigames to increase player engagement.

I worked on for Whow Games. As lead UI designer my mission was to create and deliver the UI design for the free online casino. Initially for Desktop and ultimately for Mobile

I worked for Innogames on Tribal Wars 2, creating consistent designs, new features and minigames to increase ARPDAU.


I worked on Tribal Wars for Innogames. I designed the UI of new events, features and assets like medals, shields, backgrounds and characters in 2D and 3D.