Big farm mobile harvest

This project is a Unity mobile game. I enjoyed designing features like rankings, league and player rewards, in-game video offers, restaurant and fishing minigame, and. I also created player-centered features like achievements, player profiles, and cooperative leagues. Moreover, I did collectibles like profile pictures, profile frames, decorations, themed buildings, premium buildings, graphics, animations, and icons for new features. To facilitate the implementation I also applied different ways to optimize the way assets are handled by the engine for mobile.

Fishing minigame

I designed the different UI elements to advance through, play and track the progress in the minigame. The minigame is composed o several features: a fishing menu with lures and types of fish, a game screen, a caught fish screen, a fish restaurant, and a fishing booster tab

Picking baits

To start the player picks the 'lure' or bait that offers a regular or good chance to catch a better fish. 


Catching the fish

I designed the main game UI elements, overstates, and animations to show the player when to reel the fish and how close he is to catching it.

Wining experience

I designed the 'Catching Fish' UI. I improved the UX of the feature by Deciding to have two waves coming from the sides of the Ui Pop-up to make the player feel that he got something and get him wet.

Fish restaurant

I wanted also to have a frontal view in a top-down perspective to be able to see the fish while is being fried

Icons for the minigame

I created these icons for the fishing minigame in vectors. The baits and rarities needed to show visual progression through color and shape. I also create other ones needed for the fishing boosts, the two states of the fish, and some ready meals.

Ballon offer 


Claim items by watching adds

This is the in-game video advertising feature. The balloon floats in the isometric view, by tapping the player accesses the UI. I created the layout composed of the character floating in a ballon, added the bird animation, and watch ad icon. After watching the ad the player can claim the gifts.

Puzzle challenge

I designed the carnival game UI for an event of Big Farm Mobile Harvest. The minigame is composed of different features: a carnival tab, a puzzle selection tab, a main game screen, a pick boosters popup, and a win puzzle popup. The idea was to integrate an existing puzzle game from the studio into Big Farm Mobile Harvest. Knowing that the styles were different I changed the UI to fit Big Farm Mobile Harvest. I also analized visually the top-grossing puzzle games to improve it.

Carnival tab

I designed the UI event screen and created the elements like icons, containers, golden borders, backgrounds, and light animations that fit the carnival theme.  

Puzzle tab

I designed the puzzle tab and created the carnival truck, background, and icons.

Booster selection

I designed the Booster selection screen using the same color scheme and using decorations to stay consistent and enhance the carnival feeling.

Puzzle game

I repositioned and redesigned the layout of the Hud puzzle to fit the style of Big farm mobile harvest. I improved the game play by redesigning the puzzle board.

Win puzzle 

I reused the booster popup design and added some elements like a list of the completed feats or mini goals, particle fireworks, and a dangling display that lights up. 

Player and cooperatives reward system

 I designed the cards for the achievements that contained progression and feedback for collection. Also some elements like the trophies and medals.


I designed the UI of the ranking screens for players and cooperatives. The screen enables the player and the cooperatives to see the requirements needed to reach a higher position in the game and compare themselves with each other. 

League rewards

I designed the league rewards tab for players and cooperatives for they to see the different rewards they could get. I created medals for players and trophies for cooperatives to reward their efforts. 

Claim items by watching adds

I designed the achievement system and the UI elements. I wanted to have a card design that shows all the information and progression to achieve this particular goal. The player can also check all the possible achievements available in the game. I added a bouncing animation in the cards that are ready to be collected, and also a glow and particles to the trophy. I designed the trophies based on the shape of the logo of Big Farm Mobile Harvest.