Jackpot Casino

I worked for Whow games in Hamburg.  I worked as Lead UI designer for the entire development of the product Jackpot Casino (Kick-off to lauch) Leading the UI/UX team my task were structuring the product in both platforms desktop and mobile. This involved finding the style and visual apeal of the casino, pages and interactions of freeplayers and paying users. It was also fundamental to keep consistancy and adapt all pages to be responsive to armonize the player experience.

Desktop App

First I started defining the structure of the desktop app. Using UX to identify which of those were necessary for the basic launch and step by step keep adding more in the future. I made that possible by studying our competitors and making a close examination of each feature with my product lead. 

Free-to-play casino initial launch

The main features were the lobby page and game page. The UI features I designed within the lobby page were: Player rankings, menus, jackpot give aways, and a promotion section. And within the game page, game selection, and currency displays. Both shared also buttons and progress bars.

Mobile app

After the style guide and the desktop app took form I designed the mobile app.  After analyzing the user experience it was necessary to define the main systems the player needed to go through. Here Below is the finalized user Journey with finalized mockups. Starting from Splash Screen until the launching of one of the games available in the casino. I designed the winning experience screen and shop. 

1.Splash screen



5.Lobby screen

3.Sub lobby