Tribal Wars

As the project of Tribal Wars 2 was stopping I started designing for Tribal Wars. At this time the project was going for more than a decade already. I designed new events for the player, modernized existing screens and create other player related assets. I had interest to add 3D elements to the events so I taught myself Z-Brush to do so.

Attack of the Horde

This event was one of my favorites. The UX generated urgency in the player to complete the event quickly. I accomplished that by creating a warrior scene of a Viking invasion that needed to be stopped by all means. I also modeled the weapons in 3D.

The Horde 

I illustrated the scene from a frontal view. Make one big character that leads them all to the Viking king. Then I just covered the space with a ton of them. I painting all that in an Intous Wacom was great fun ;D

Weapons for the cards 

I illustrated the weapons to get the shapes and proportions right. Then modeled these weapons in ZBrush and used applied textures and lights with a plugin.

Paladin Skills

I designed the UI for the Paladin Skills feature. The challenge was to show the progression of the paladin and his different skills in a cohesive manner.  Each skill and paladin requirement has overstates that show which ones are locked or unlocked. As part of the UI, I designed the borders, progress bars, and the representation of each skill.

The Paladin

I created this paladin using Z-Brush. I modeled it using my own concept drawings. I painted the UV maps of the skin and used some ready made textures for metal, leather and cloth. The pose is also done in ZBrush. The background is painted in most parts. 

Modeling my first human

I learned Zbrush thanks to Tribalwars. The team had the patience to watch me play with the program until the final result. I thank also my colleagues for solving my doubts and not doing any hand-holding.  

More and more assets

Medals and banners

I enjoyed painting the warriors on top of the medals. Funny enough for the farmer medals I use myself as a reference. I don't walk around with a pitchfork though