Tribal wars 2

I started working in Innogames in Tribal Wars 2. The game was a visual improvement of the classic tribal wars, and gave me the opportunity to design new features and assets for both platforms: mobile and desktop.

Player and tribe progression

I improved the accessibility and the UX by adding subtabs and shortcuts to optimize the navigation for the players and by preselecting the position of the player in the ranking list.  Apart from that I designed the shields for the players and tribes.

Ranking- Player

Rankins for tribes and players

I designed the layout where the main three top positions were represented by animals. To enhance the rewarding feeling I use gold, silver, and bronze. To improve the UX and the player position is also highlighted and always present in the list without scrolling. At the top, I added a menu with search options for names and also for the pages. 

Rankins for tribes and players

I designed these shields to enhance the rewarding feeling for the top three tribes and players. 

New Inventory

In Tribal Wars 2 the inventory only could show 4 items per screen. I improved the UX by adding a side menu in which 18 items were visible at one glance. By selecting one of them, the detailed view on the right will display the bonuses and benefits with icons and greater detail.

Inventory with more space

Since the UX of the feature offered more space, the players could not only have more items but also have more reasons to spend them however they see it fitting to their game play ideas.

Archery Event

At Tribal Wars 2 the idea was to design a seasonal event where the players could gain items by playing the event. I suggested an archery contest and designed it for the most globally well know festivities: Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  The player clicked and then shoots an arrow that landed at a random place on the wheel. I also created images of the extra packages that were offered at the event.

I did overpaint on the UI elements. I painted an eye catcher in every corner that matches the theme. I Painted decorations around the frame, change the insides of the chest every time and also painted themed backgrounds

Event on christmas

Event on valentines day 

Event on easter 

Event on Halloween